Since 1975

Depositon Reporting Services

American Court Reporting is expert in reporting your depositions, from traditional to Realtime. All are Georgia Certified and have been reporting 18 years on average.

Included in your page rate are the following:

  •  Transcript E-Mails: ~ Every deposition is E-mailed to you in 3 different formats, days before your hard copies arrive. You receive:
    •   An E-Transcript file,
    •   A Minuscript with key-word Index file, and
    •   An ASCII file.
  •  Printed Minuscript with a Key-Word Index:
    •   Delivered with your printed transcript,
      Minuscript is a condensed transcript where the pages of regular transcript are condensed to one page, front and back,
      a complete Key-Word Index is included.
  •  Key-Word Index with Transcript Copy:
    •    Printed Key-Word Index accompanies every transcript copy at no additional charge.
  • Satisfaction is Guaranteed !