When you subscribe to our Calendar Backup Service, we send you up to 5 emails and a postcard via first class mail notifying you of local Court Dates.


You list with us the names of the individual attorneys and firm names which you want covered on your account. There is no limit to the number of individuals or firm names you may list.

When an individual attorney's name appears in a newspaper or on a court website for a Court Date, we send that attorney an E-mail and a postcard via first class mail.

When a firm name appears for a Court Date, we send a notice only if no individual listed on your account is being notified of that Court Date.

If a calendar is published more than once (which is common practice in Fulton County) we notify you only on the first publication of the calendar.


We cover civil cases only, no criminal. Basic service covers Fulton State and Superior Courts and DeKalb State and Superior Courts. If you subscribe, you must take the basic service.

Additionally, we offer Extended Service to the extent they are published on line, for the State Court of Cobb County, the Superior Court of Henry County, and the State and Superior Courts of Bartow, Carroll, Floyd, Newten and Walton Counties, and the State and Superior Courts of Athens-Clarke County, Clayton, Fayette, Forsyth, Gwinnett and Coweta Counties. Extended Service coverage is optional by individual county.

* (Cobb Superior does not publish calendars).

* (At present, Gwinnett publishes only some Judge's Calendars. They advise that in the future they will publish all.)

Because our clients have requested it, we are adding more counties. Subscribers will be notified of additional counties. Subscribers may, if they wish, opt out of addtional counties.


We charge $18.95 for the first notice sent to your account during a month. Each additional notice that month is $4.50. If no notices are sent during a month, there is no charge for our searching. You are only charged for notifications. Please note that our charges are per account, not per individual.

When you call American for court reporting services, we credit 5% of monies paid on those court reporting services towards the cost of your Calendar Backup Service account. With the 5% credit, you can most likely receive our Calendar Backup Service at no charge by calling us for a portion of your court reporting services.


We can send 4 additional E-mails to whomever you wish each time your name appears for a Court Date. For example, your secretary or paralegal can also be E-mailed each notification. No charge for the extra emails.

You are sent a complete listing each month of all notices sent to your account. Listed are the date notified, case style, case number, jurisdiction, Judge, publication date of the calendar, and the person to whom we addressed the initial E-mail and postcard.

When you receive your monthly statement, you also receive a listing of individuals and firm names for which we are searching on your account. You can update your list of attorneys and firm names with that list. You are constantly advised of who we're searching for on your account.

Double Coverage: We can send a second postcard to a different address each time we notify you of a Court Date. If one gets lost in the mail, the second postcard is a backup. You will be billed as usual for the additional notices.


Please call us at 404-892-1331 to set up your account, or E-mail us at

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